Additional fees: $8 USD entrance fees. Tour duration: approximately 3 hours.

For those travelers who are interested in the Nazca Lines, but would prefer not to fly over them, we are happy to offer a land-based alternative. This private tour offers a chance to see the Nazca Lines "up close and personal", a perspective that people who fly over the Nazca Lines will not have the opportunity to experience.

This tour begins at 10:00 AM with a pickup at your hotel in Nazca, or we can arrange to pickup our clients at one of the bus stations. In the course of the tour, we will visit three different locations, designed to provide an informative and visual history of the world-famous Nazca Lines. The first is the Maria Reiche museum. Located near Nazca, this museum offers a first-hand look into the life of Maria Reiche, an amateur archaeologist who was passionately involved in the research and protection of the Nazca Lines.

Our next stop on the tour is the Nazca Lines viewing tower, a two-story metal tower located in the Nazca Pampa. After climbing up two sets of stairs in the tower, we can observe two of the Nazca Lines: the tree, and the mysterious hands. You can see just how close the highway is to the Nazca Lines. Indeed, before the government saw the value in preserving this piece of Peruvian history, drivers would occasionally drive through the lines, damaging them. Finally, our Nazca Lines tour will conclude with a visit to Lookout Point Hill, a small hill that we will climb on foot and will permit us to view 30 lesser-known Nazca Lines.

This tour includes a guided explanation by a professional english-speaking tour guide. And this tour can easily be combined with a visit to a local archaeological site in Nazca, including the morbid and fascinating Chauchilla pre-incan cemetery.