When you visit Nazca, the chances are good that you plan on flying over the Nazca Lines, perhaps on one of our CLASSIC FLIGHTS. But after your flight is over, there are still plenty of worthwhile things to do and see around Nazca. There is an excellent combination of historical / archaeogical tours and adventure tours to get your adrenaline flowing.

Come take a private tour to the CHAUCHILLA PRE-INCA CEMETERY, to see how the Nazca civilization (the same folks who created the Nazca Lines) buried their dead, including their rituals and religious beliefs. You will see mummies, skulls and artifacts, although graverobbers long ago robbed the gold and jewelry.

Or visit the CANTALLOC AQUEDUCTS, a set of spiral-shaped aqueducts that allowed this innovative tribe to survive in a harsh desert where annual rainfall is a laughably small number. Or if you are looking for that heart-in-your-throat feeling of excitement, consider a DUNE BUGGY AND SANDBOARDING TOUR at the Usaka Desert. Read about all your tour options below.

Most of these tours below are private or small-group tours. Inexpensive “backpacker” tours are available for a lower cost in Nazca, but we prefer to offer premium tours to assure that our clients are receiving comfortable, safe transportation and skilled tour guides. .