EXPERIENCE THE MYSTERY WITH US Specialists in the Nazca Lines and the southern coast of Peru

Moche Brooch

Shaman, Moche brooch

Together with the mist-covered citadel of Machu Picchu, the Nazca Lines are the greatest ancient mystery in the Americas.

We invite you to join us on an unforgettable flight over the Nazca Lines to experience the mystery for yourself. Located in the desert town of Ica, Peru, we have been offering personalized small-group tours to Southern Peru for over 5 years. Our work is extremely varied; one day we are scheduling a private charter flight from Lima for a Qatari diplomat. And the next day we are answering questions about ceviche from a group of backpackers from Ohio.

My name is Jonathan Green, and I am the owner and manager of the agency. I am originally from Chicago, but after graduating university, I was craving excitement and yearning to learn about new cultures and countries. So I fled the cold, snow-filled winters and moved down to the coast of Peru. It has been a big adventure for me so far.

Along with my team of tour guides, translators and assistants, we take pride in showing visitors the most beautiful and memorable places in Peru. As a former tourist, I can provide special insight into what tours and services are most likely to appeal to foreign visitors. Our guiding philosophy is simple: your vacation should be full of fun and exploration, not stress. Let us take care of the planning and logistics, you only need to relax and enjoy yourself. Peru is a place of great diversity and beauty, Let us show you the beauty and majesty of Peru through our eyes.

Three reasons that people choose us:


As a tour agency with 6 years of experience in Peruvian tourism, we have always insisted on working with airlines who adhere to the strictest international safety standards of the aviation industry.


We proudly offer personalized, high- quality customer service to every client. We’ll answer your questions in detail and tailor a vacation to your itinerary and desires. We have a reputation for honesty and professionalism.


Our agency offers the convenience of an english-speaking staff, with the knowledge of local guides and specialists. This guarantees a custom-tailored experience of Peru’s beauty and culture.

We are proud to be one of the highest-rated tour operators in Peru according to the tourism website TRIPADVISOR. We were awarded the “2018 Award of Excellence.”

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We specialize in creating authentic & exciting, private vacations to Peru.