• Cost: $65 USD per person
  • Minimum: 02 passengers
  • Location: Nazca, Peru
  • Duration: approx. 3 hours

The desert oasis Huacachina, located four hours south of Lima, is one of the best places in the world to try two adventure activities: sandboarding, and riding in a dune buggy

But if you are in Nazca and are unable to travel to Ica because your itinerary won't permit it, you can still have an enjoyable opportunity to ride in a dune buggy and sandboarding, in the Usaka Desert near Nazca.

The tour lasts for three hours: approximately one hour is spent riding the dune buggy up and down the dunes, and then sandboarding down the dunes. Most tourists who reserve this tour are trying sandboarding for the first time, but experienced snowboarders are also welcome, and find their experience in snowboarding will make sandboarding a lot easier. Many people choose to lie down on the sandboards on their stomachs, using it like a sled. This is much easier and faster. The rest of the tour is an archaeology tour with the dune buggy as your transportation! We'll visit the ancient ruins of Cahuachi, which is an adobe pyramid which was the religious center of the Nazca civilization over 1,000 years ago.

This tour is popular with adults, teenagers, and kids because it combines a thrilling adventure with a beautiful setting: the memorable and exotic dunes of the desert. For those clients who do not enjoy a fast ride, we offer a private "Slow and Relaxing" dune buggy ride. Bring your wine bottle, some glasses, and a loved one, and take a romantic sunset ride through the desert.