A private charter flight to the Nazca Lines

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Our tour package entitled “A Private Charter Flight to the Nazca Lines” is by far the fastest and most comfortable way to see the Nazca Lines. This extraordinary experience begins when we pick you up from your hotel in Lima in a premium vehicle (such as a Radius SUV) and transport you to Jorge Chavez Airport. At the airport you will climb onboard a state-of-the-art aircraft chosen based on the size of your tour group.

After a one hour flight to the airport in Ica, you will change planes, to a Cessna Grand Caravan, an aircraft that is ideal for the flight over the Nazca Lines. Every passenger is guaranteed a seat with a window. During your 70 minute flight, you will enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see the Nazca Lines from the air during a private flight scheduled just for you, your loved ones, or your business associates.

See 12 of the most famous Nazca Lines, including the hummingbird, dog, hands, “astronaut”, tree, spider, whale, lizard, shark and more.

After your flight returns to the airport in Ica, you can choose to fly back immediately to Lima, or you can visit the nearby desert oasis for a complimentary pisco sour and typical Peruvian lunch. For an additional cost, we can provide one of our optional tours to enhance your tour package even more: choices include a winery tour, and a heart-pumping dune buggy tour into the desert to explore and experience the majestic sand dunes that will make you feel like you are in the Sahara Desert in Africa.

Once you have flown back to Lima, we will transport you back to your hotel. This extraordinary tour option is available to an elite few, and it surely a memory that you will treasure for many years to come.


Our fastest, most convenient and most luxurious tour

FAST: A tour of the Nazca Lines by private charter flight can be done in as little as five hours, from the moment we pick you up at your hotel to the moment you return to your hotel. That is 7 hours faster than our private tour by land

PRIVATE: Whether you are traveling with your family or with important business associates, a private tour guarantees that you can talk about personal or business matters with discretion and privacy.

LUXURIOUS: For our most demanding and discerning clients, a private charter flight is a unforgettable, premium experience. We can provide ground transport by SUV, and your flights will onboard executive aircraft.

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Visual Persuasion: Some highlights of your tour package

Cessna Grand Caravan

Cessna Grand Caravan

Fly over the Nazca Lines onboard a state-of-the-art Cessna Grand Caravan aircraft, internationally esteemed.

Cessna Grand Caravan - Interior View

Cessna Grand Caravan - Interior View

Enjoy a wide panaromic view from your window seat. You’ll see 12 world-famous Nazca Lines during the flight.

Dune Buggy tour of the Desert

Exciting optional tours

Ask us about enjoyable optional tours that can be added to your tour package.

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Group Size

1-3 passengers:
4-6 passengers:
7 passengers:
8-12 passengers:

Total Price:

$4,150 USD total
$4,580 USD total
$6,800 USD total
$8,850 USD total

These prices include all applicable taxes and fees. The wide range in prices is due to the fact that different types of aircraft are required for different group sizes.