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What are the Nazca Lines?
A Brief Introduction to the ancient mystery
First discovered by the Peruvian archaeologist Toribio Mejia Xesspe, who spotted them in 1927 while hiking through the hilly desert near Nazca, the Nazca Lines are widely considered among the greatest mysteries of ancient South America.

Carved into the surface of the desert floor, the lines are shallow, narrow and fragile. Some of them are several kilometers long. The Nazca Lines are more than just lines in the sand. They are ancient drawings called geoglyphs that were created over 1,000 years ago by a tribe living in Peru's southwestern desert.

The drawings are in the form of animals, people, and plants that played an important role in the culture and religion of this ancient tribe. These include a whale, hummingbird, pelican, lizard, dog, human hands, tree, stork, and many more. Some of the figures depict animals that were native to this region, while other figures depict animals that can only be found in the jungle and cloud forests, hundreds of miles away.

We know who created them, and we know approximately when they were created. The mystery of the Nazca Lines is that we do not know how they were created, or why. This webpage contains a brief introduction to the Nazca Lines, a description of how archaeologists believe the Nazca Lines were created, and some of the most popular (and wildest!) theories about why they were built.

This webpage aims give you a better understanding of what the Nazca Lines are, and what they represent.
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Photographic Gallery of the Nazca Lines
Recognize the Lines before you see them
Learning to recognize the Nazca Lines by sight, before you take your tour, will add to your enjoyment of the experience. This page provides photos of all the major Nazca Lines, especially those you will see on your flight. Those include the humminbird, dog, whale, lizard, human hands, "astronaut", parrot, monkey, spider, trapezoids, and more.

This section also has photos of the Palpa Lines, a set of geoglyphs discovered several hours north of Nazca, near the modern-day town of Palpa. And finally you can see photos of the beautiful spiral-shaped aqueducts of Cantalloc, photographed from the air and from the ground. And photos of the pre-incan Cemetery Chauchilla and the adobe pryamids of Cahuachi.

When you fly over the Nazca Lines, bring your camera, and you can capture and record this world-class mystery on your memory card.
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Hotels in Nazca, Ica and Pisco
Luxury Hotels, Resorts, Lodges, and Boutique options
Find the perfect place to stay
Hundreds of thousands of travelers visit the coast of Peru every year to see the Nazca Lines, and visit the other tourist attractions of the region. Because of this influx of tourism, high-quality hotel options have emerged that guarantee a comfortable stay for every traveler.

On this page, we will give you an introduction to the hotels that we recommend in the cities of Nazca, Ica, Huacachina and Pisco. We have many years of experience in the tourism industry, and are happy to provide recommendations and reserve hotel rooms for our clients.

Whether you prefer a 5-star luxury resort, a small boutique hotel with local charm, or an affordable backpacker hostel, this page aims to provide useful information that will enhance your vacation and guarantee an unforgettable trip to Peru's coast.

Having reserve a hotel room for you can save you lots of time, and headache. We are in constant contact with the management of many hotels in the area, who often provide us with discounted prices and special offers.
If you have any questions, or wish to reserve a hotel room, let us know and we would be happy to assist you.
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Transportation and Maps
Travel in style: Private transport or Touristic Bus?
How to get to and from Nazca or Pisco
In this section of our website, we provide information on getting to and from Nazca and Pisco, including a description of our private transportation services for those clients who enjoy the flexibility, privacy and convenience of private transport. Whether you require a car, for a small group, or a mini-van or mini-bus for larger groups, we are happy to provide a comfortable and pleasant journey.

There are many ways to see the Nazca Lines. The two most common methods are to fly over the Nazca Lines from the cities of Nazca and Pisco. Flying from each city offers a certain advantage:

Pisco is much closer to Lima, allowing travelers to save up to 7 hours of travel time compared to taking a bus or private transport. However, flying over the Nazca Lines from Nazca offers the chance to take a tour of the local pre-incan cemetery Chauchilla and the spiral-shaped Cantalloc aqueducts nearby.

There are also budgetary considerations to take into account, as flights from Pisco are significantly more expensive. The Cessna aircraft need to fly for 300% longer when they fly from Pisco, causing a significant increase in fuel costs and related fees.
Read more about your options to travel to Pisco or Nazca.
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