• Cost: $35 USD per person
  • Minimum: 02 passengers
  • Location: Nazca, Peru
  • Duration: approx. 3 hours
  • Guide: English-speaking
  • Transport: car or van

Situated in the desert lowlands east of the Nazca lines, the Cantalloc Aqueducts are a set of spiral-shaped aqueducts that predate the Incan empire. They allowed the Nazca civilization to survive in one of the world’s harshest deserts and their mysterious design has aroused the curiosity of many a scholar and archaeologist.

Their basic purpose is straightforward; they allowed farmers and early engineers to control the flow of water from the springs in the highlands, through the dry desert basin, to the thirsty crops of the farmers.

But why spiral shapes? Was it religious, astrological, or did have a practical purpose? With your professional english-speaking tour guide, enjoy a guided visit to the Cantalloc aqueducts to learn more about the secrets and history of the aqueducts. You will explore this site by walking right into the aqueducts themselves, and learning about their role in this ancient civilizations religion and agriculture.

Aboard an air-conditioned car or van, tourists will comfortably enjoy a tour that will last approximately two hours including travel time. The hike consists of an easy trail, fit for travelers of all physical ability levels. And it will also afford tourists a chance to explore rural scenes on the coast of Perú, and enjoy a view of the sweeping, picturesque mountains in the distance.

It is easy to combine this tour with a PRIVATE TOUR TO CHUACHILLA CEMETERY, which IS nearby. And of course, many travelers choose to FLIGHT OVER THE NAZCA LINES before taking this tour.

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