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We are an Affordable Alternative to MysteryPeru

Mystery Peru is a well-known travel agency based in Nazca. Their company was founded in 2004 by Enrique Levano, a tour guide from Nazca. Like us, MysteryPeru offers a number of archaeological tours on Peru's southern coast. For example, we both offer high-quality flights over the Nazca Lines as well as tours to the pre-Incan cemetery Chauchilla, the Aqueducts of Cantalloc, and the adobe pyramid city called Cahuachi.

Mystery Peru has many years of experience in the Nazca tourism field, and they have earned their good reputation. We appreciate their honest, and salute MysteryPeru for being an excellent tour operator, and we wish them a lot of success in the future. However, we at believe that friendly competition is good for everyone because it forces all tour agencies to become more detail-oriented and hard working. Therefore we are proud to compete with this fine agency by offering prices that are substantially lower than their prices on every single tour, without compromising quality or attention. When you contact, you will immediately be put in touch with someone who speaks fluent english, and who is happy to provide you with useful and timely information regarding the tours in Nazca and the rest of Peru. Plus, our prices are amongst the best on the coast of Peru.

You may be wondering just how much cheaper we are, compared to Mystery Peru. Well, the easiest way to see the difference is the cost of our Nazca Lines flights. Mystery Peru charges $130 USD for the classic 35 minute flight, and charges just $110 USD. This is a savings of $20 USD per person, on the exact same tour. For a family of four, that sure adds up quickly!

Likewise, travellers should consider hiring for other tours in the area, such as the Ballestas Islands tour in Paracas, the dune buggy and sandboarding tour in Huacachina, and treks in Cusco such as the Inca Trail. Our prices for these tours are always at least 20% cheaper than MysteryPeru, and are often 40% cheaper!

We encourage potential clients to study all of the tour options to see which agencies offer the tours you demand at the prices you should be paying. We are confident that you will choose us, because we offer the combination of quality with affordability.


Jonathan Green

Owner and Manager,

contact: or phone us at (051) 986-113-252





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